Porcelain painting classes are held 4 to 5 days a week. There are morning sessions from 11am to 1.30 pm and afternoon classes from 3 to 5.30 pm.

Most students come once a week, on a fixed day.

Porcelain painting is very different from other forms of painting, mainly because the surface you paint on is not absorbent. The paints we use are in powder form and need to be ground with a variety of oils depending on what and how you intend to paint.

Paints, oils, brushes etc are all available in a starter kit. As you go along,you can keep adding supplies and colours that we source both locally and internationally.

All pieces are fired in a kiln(in India, it is often referred to as a chemical muffler ) upto 780*c.

Some pieces are fired upto 4/5 times to acheive the desired effect.

Besides overglaze paints we also use liquid lustres and liquid gold, which, as the name suggest produce lustrous effects .

It’s truly an unusual and extremely gratifying medium for artistic expression.
Just so you know what you are going in for, and to be able to have a vague idea of whether you would enjoy this form of painting Colours on Fire has a novel concept of

” Introductory classes”

1.You can call Sangi , and get the dates available.

  1. You pick 3 dates
  2. You arrive in class 15mins before, with nothing except your enthusiasm ( and your fee !)
  3. EVERYTHING you need to complete a small plate will be provided to you.
  4. 3 classes later you would have hand painted a porcelain plate, and can then decide if you would like to join regular class.

It’s that simple !!

Go ahead……try it out ! You may discover a love, that you never imagined !