Slumpees are unique works of art !

Decorative yet practical, these conversation starters  can be used to serve just about anything from cheese to sushi to candy…. Or if you prefer just as  wall decorations !

These handcrafted wonders are unique and fun !

What better way than to preserve that special bottle of wine, champagne, whatever to commemorate  that special occasion

Hand over the bottle to Sangi …..and …viola !!!

Take home a slumped version you can use !

20140130_162418Batlee Bulub

Batlee Bulub…..yet another bright idea !

Really, it’s just another tipsy bottle with the ‘inner light’… Truly illuminating !

Hand crafted and upcycled from glass bottles, our Batlee Bulub can bring laughs,giggles and light into any gathering !

Can also be used as a night light.